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Current and Recent Projects


Brydcliffe Cabinet Reproduction


Mallet and Hammer Till

Hanging Shelf Unit


Boarded Bookcase




Jewelry Cabinet


Cherry Side Table

Walnut and Maple
Side Table


Cypress Vanity Base


Napkin Box


Cypress Porch Side Table

Oak Side Tables


Cherry Boxes

Lego ProjectTable

Long Edge

Shooting Board


Maple Bedside Stool

Taper Jig Redux


Drill Press Angle Jig

Tenon Jig

Bench Planing Stop


Cherry Step Stool

Box Joint Jig Setup

Rolling Tool Cart

Outfeed Table Redux

Cross Cut Sled2


Shop Workstations


Workbench Project

Assembly Table Project



Cross Cut Sled

MFT3 Adjustments


Drill Press Table


Moxon2 vise

Jigs and Appliances, Shop Made Tools

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Domino production jig

Micro-Bevel Setting Jig

Saw Hook

Shooting Board

Dowel Plate

Mortise Pounding and Paring Jig

Plane Hammer

Ring from a Quarter


Taper jig


Custom Strap Wrench

Bird's Mouth Batten

Fret Saw Jig

Chop Saw Fence




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Saw Till Redux



Plane Till Redux


Shop Shelving Unit 2


Shop Cabinet Build

Machinist Chest

Shop Built Sysport


Rolling Woodbin

Shop Attic Remodel

Paring Chisel Rack


Chow PowerTower


Hand Saw Till

Plane Till

Equipment Install or Overhaul

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Powermatic 701 Mortiser Install


Powermatic 60HH Jointer Install

Powermatic PWBS 14 Band Saw

Hitachi Chain Saw Recoil Rope Fix

Powermatic 66 Overhaul


Powermatic 14 inch bandsaw overhaul


Dewalt Planer Blade Change

Pencil Sharpener Overhaul

Tool Enhancements, Sharpening, Finishes, etc

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Fettling a Stanley #5


E. A. Berg Chisel Restoration

Grinding and Honing Skew Chisels


Dowel Plate

Drawknife Sharpening


Spokeshave Sharpening

Hand Saw Sharpening

Hand Saw Restoration

Wooden Spokeshave Build

Making Shellac

Beeswax, linseed oil, turpentine rub

Sun Shop Scary Sharp Protocol

Abrasives Paste, Bench Strops, Slip Strops


Boot Rub

Sharpening Gouges

Fettling a Stanley #5


Home Projects

Interior Remodeling


Front Entry Remodel

Rear Entry Foyer Remodel

Office Remodel


Furniture & Cabinetry

Cherry End Table

The Living Room Project

Bookcase for Nee's Kids

AV Shelf Unit


Porch Bench


Table Restoration


Dovetail box



Yard Projects

Outside Building Projects


Sun Gate

Driveway Addition

The Rear Shop Project

Garden Shed Project


Shop Deck





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