A friend, John Chow, asked me to make him a tray or stand that would hold two devices in his lab at work (a wiring/power hub and a power supply/surge protector/battery backup).

The purpose of the tray would be to get the devices off the floor and neaten up the wiring.

John gave me a quick idea of what he wanted...


Because I wanted to make sure that there was plenty of air flow I threw out the idea of plywood sides and decided to make it a more open design. I also wanted enough support to hold a heavy battery backup.

I could never really decide what to name the project...

"Chow PowerTower" came to mind and I began referring to it as the CPT.


I used leftover materials from previous projects.

The thicker legs and supports were yellow pine from the workbench project, the longer strips are radiata pine from the plane till project...these pieces were milled and the rear supports, which I wanted to be thicker and stronger, got mortises for Domino floating tenons.

This is the back frame during glue up and clamping...this section was stouter and had the Domino joints ...

The side supports and rails were all put into position with glue and 18d brads.

Then the whole frame was clamped.

Though I have said it before, it is still important to note that you can never have too many clamps.

After clamp removal...the frame.

To make the legs sit flatter and not catch on the edges, I used a paring chisel to level out any bumps and to put bevels on all the edges.

Then I hit the legs with an orbital sander.

The two shelves are 1/2 MDF...I counter sunk the holes and drove in #6 square drive screws.
The CPT.
Unit painted black...
The CPT in use...





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