Shop Shelving Unit


This is the preliminary design of a new shop shelving unit.


The shelving unit will hold books, catalogs, notebooks with project plans, etc.

This is one of the last areas to be remodeld in the big shop overhaul.

The area above and to the right of the chop saw on the northern bench has been ever changing and chaotic over the years.

Bench top space is limited on the right because of the fence for the chop saw.

Here is the designated area with everything cleared except the electricals.

The upper left section will connect to the cabinet to the left, run over the top of the dust hood for the chop saw, and then the right section will up from the bench top and run right to the existing pegboard.

I used a new Ecuadorean product, Sandply, from the local big box store. The 3/4 ply looked pretty good on both sides, cut nice and clean and cost $12 less that Birch or Oak cabinet grade.

After offloading into the garage, Cindy and ripped the sheet into manageable sizes and transported them to the shop.


After cutting all pieces to length on the MFT3 table with the T75, the uprights had dadoes put in for the shelves.

This photo shows a dado routing setup using a FS 1400 guide rail and the Guide Stop system .

This run was to line up the left carcase upright dadoes with the center carcase upright.

The short side uprights...

All of the sized and milled pieces...ready for assembly.
Tall section glued up.
The short secion glued to the taller section...the unit is upside down and shown from the backside.
Shelf and carcase stiffeners were added, unit shown upside down
Back pieces of 1/4 Luan or pegboard were added...scraps from the attic...
Unit moved into place and secured
Filled and ready...still needs some front edge banding


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