Walkway 2016

The walkway project was designed to allow a passage from the back door of the house down the elevation drop to the front door of the shop. A combination of pavers, timbers, and gravel was used. At the front door of the shop the walk continues left and provides a walk around the west side of the shop and to the northern gravel walk on the rear of the shop.


Immediately off the concrete slab rear porch is the "paver pad".
Minor excavation was required. Compaction leveling sand was used under the pavers.

The north end (right) of the paver section is a timber that leads to the "step cascade".

The pavers have alternating rows that were all 6 x 9 inch units with rows that had 6 x 6 pavers to provide the "running bond" pattern

The east edge (left) has a row of smaller rectangular stones.

The paver pad gives way to the "upper cascade" of steps. Grass and ferns had to be removed to provide the step pads. Red clay sand was compacted to provide good support.
River pebble gravel was put in to finish out the walk surface.
Section parallel to back porch.

This is the "upper boulevard".


Walkway 2016: 10 Year Overhaul


After the timbers began to show weathering issues at the ten year point, we began to replace the timbers with stone. We did not want to have to do this every ten years.

We selected a concrete edger 3.5 inch x 11.5 inch.

Brand: Rumblestone Cafe

Bought at BORG-orange.


The walkway run overhaul first step was at the entry to the shop. The "temporary" wooden step that had been there for ten years was removed.
Ledger board installed and leveled...major caulking and flashing will be done here due to splash up.
The front edge is attached to treated 4 x 4 posts that rest on stone piers. The frame is 2 x 6 treated boards and the decking is 5/4 treated.
The four large stepping stones in front of the decking had sunk into the walk due to mole action and weather over the years...so I pulled the stones...
...then I placed smaller pavers into the area as piers and leveled them.
After they were all level I added some sand and gravel for some stability.
Then the stepping stones went down onto the piers...they were arranged so that all the corners were solid.
View from the shop door...
At the back door of the house, the paver walkway transitioned to the timber framed gravel walk. The timbers would have to go...
The paver walkway was extended a few rows...and then a trench was dug for the large slab step stone.
Side view of the new transition...
Transitional step down to gravel...

After several trips to purchase 50-60 edgers, Cindy and I finally just bought a pallet.

A total of 144 edgers at 14 pounds apiece...about a ton in the bed of the truck...picture shows half a pallet.

Each layer of the pallet was 24 stones, so we loaded a layer at a time into the cart...a total of 6 cart loads.
At the Transition...new edgers.
The edgers replaced the timbers acroos the "Boulevard"... all in all they fit nicely in the trench where the timbers had rested for a decade.
Where the Boulevard took a ninety onto the "Cascades" to head to the shop, timbers were pulled for a slab stone step.

The original 4 timber steps, were reduced to two stone slabe steps.

The slab stone had to be dug in...

and it took two pieces of slab stone to make the width.
The lower Cascade slab going in...


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