Rear Foyer Project


The rear foyer remodel consisted of two new doors. New trim, paint etc.

A new floor.


Door Replacement

The old doors were 32 inch units, hollow core with windows and had suffered over the years.


When the doors were pulled it was obvious that framing had been done poorly and there had been some shifts over the years.


The door units were taken out and recycled.

Under the threshold to the garage there had been an accumulation of blown debris.

Note the jigsaw puzzle piece. I imagine that there had been many ugly words spoken when that 1000 piece puzzle only had 999 pieces...

New back door threshold. Dryfit to make sure that the angles were all correct.
New garage door threshold.
The rear door goes in.

There was a major gap at the top...we sprayed in some insulating foam.

Watched it for the 15 minute period that it supposedly cured. Then went inside.

Upone return we had "alien monster tentacles" that had emerged...what a mess.


Garage door installed.

Prep work for the floor install started with the removal of the previous vinyl floors.

This was tedious, physical labor.

The top floor came up reasonably easy but the bottom floor was tough.
After wetting the glue and scraping with razor devices the surface was finished "down to concrete floor".

There were some problem areas at the door thresholds where the original slab had to be patched when the doors were installed during the original home construction.

This is the back door.

There were cracks and settling in the patched area.

This is the back door threshold after putting down the Henry floor patch compound and leveling it out.
Tile going down in the hallway.

During the final tile install in the foyer headed into the kitchen, the trim had so cut so that the tile would fit under it.

Here is is being done with a japanese saw.


In some places the flexible saw blade could not get into the corners.

The trim work here was done with a multi-tool.

Floor finished in the washroom and hallway.

Waiting for final trim to be installed.







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