Rear Shop Decking Project



After remodeling inside the shop and absorbing some tools from my brother, Tom,
I needed to preparea work area behind the shop for some tools.

This was made possible when I was able to move a lot of yard and garden tools to Cindy's
new garden shed or the area in the rear of her shed.


The first tumbler in the process was that James and I removed the Yuba Sawsmith that had been built into a workbench.

We then remounted the radial arm saw onto the table leg setup that it came with originally.

Moving the Yuba from the interior of the shop to the rear of the shop was the hardest part...but it was patiently accomplished as a solo act.

The yellow garden cart once again finds a new use.

I then built a decking surface behind the shop. This was done with 2 x 6 treated wood. The wood frame was levelled onto floating concrete piers.


The use of these piers made the construction go quickly.
The top boards were also treated 2 x 6s.
Here is the Yuba in its new home.

This project turned out so well, I decided the move the Dust Dog outside to gain some quiet and some footprint space in the shop.


This all went so well, it clearly was to time to expand!!!



Rear Shop Extension Project



The benefits from moving the Jet Dust Dog dust collector to the rear of the building were immediately evident.

The reduction of noise in the shop and the newly freed "footprint" square footage made me
decide to do the same for the Oneida Mini Gorilla.


This would require building another small set of decking in the rear and I had to cover the area.
The first item on the agenda was to extend the shed roofing. I decide to go one more piece of the Ondura
roof panels. After overlapping a section with the existing roof panels I would be adding 45 more
inches of covered space.

So I had to extend all supports, joists, rafters, purlins, flashing, posts, etc. for 45 more inches.

First I added a 2 x 4 scab to the end of the existing purlins so that there would be a nailing surface for the new purlins.

Then the flashing had to be extended and the upper and lower ledgers were put in after being primed and painted.

The front rim joist was extended by scabbing a
2 x 6 to the existing front rim joist.

A concrete pier for the new 4 x 4 corner post had to
be inserted into the timber and slag pad.




The 4 x 4 is put in and plumbed.

The side joist will be secured to it.

After side rim joists, rafters went up.

Purlins were attached with six inch overhangs and
scabbed 2 x 4 supports.


Ready for the Ondura.

Ondura siding goes up.
James bolts up a 4 x 4 ledger board to provide a
starting point for the new piece of decking.
2 x 6 frame is supported on the east end by two
concrete piers, same for a center joist.
2 x 6 surface boards completes the decking
after running electrical circuitry to the site and plumbing
5 inch flex hose duct work through the wall,
the Oneida Mini-Gorilla is ready to migrate out back.

Here is the Mini-Gorilla and the Jet in the rear. These units are controlled remotely.


The 5 inch hose ported through the rear wall of the shop.


The removal of the Mini-Gorilla provided space for the router table.


A "quick release" 5 inch female port was installed under the bench to match up with the exterior dust port.


I rerouted a previously installed 5 inch female quick release port that connects to a hose that pulls from under the chop saw.
The Jet Dust Dog has two 4 inch ports which enter the shop through the north wall.

One of the 4 inch hoses goes directly to a 4 inch quick connect with a blast gate. This port will allow a quick connection to a 27 foot Rockler Dust Right expanding hose that will reach any location in the shop.


The other 4 inch hose goes to a three way splitter.

Each of these three 4 inch lines has a blast gate.

Line 1 runs west under the bench and pulls the underside of the chop saw.

Line 2 runs west under the bench and goes under the building, then it runs south and comes back up into the shop to connect to the Powermatic band saw.

Line 3 runs west and pulls the Powermatic jointer.

2016 dust collection update...


after reworking the length the Powermatic 66 workstarion, the newly developed "boulevard" needed better clearance.

I completely eliminated the chop saw pull box seen in the images above and I altered the main 5 inch pull box so that it ran in-line with the bench instead of perpendicular to the bench.


The new coupler location is shown here with the 5 inch hose to the P66. This will be the configuration 99.9% of the time.

With the hose rerouted, there is much more space in the boulevard...with only the one hose to watch for...


This move created more space at the end of bench and allowed some reworking of the storage area under the bench.


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