Lathe Tool Storage

Kaizen Overhaul 2021

Using the lathe more often...added an extension...this really increased the footprint of the lathe on the P66 outfeed table.

In particular, I found I was having issues getting lathe tools and measurement tools into safe places.

This quick project was a holder for the three Easy Wood turning tools that I use...I shortened the  tubes that came with my tools...I played with size of hole and spacing...the tubes were 2 inch OD.

Burned up some shop cut-offs...used an old thick slab of cherry, oddly shaped ...jointed an edge...then cut at bandsaw to rough square...

planed to square...

The holes were bored with FAMAG Bormax 2.0 bit,

the largest one in my set (2 1/8").

Big bit, but running at the right speed and work piece was well held...did great in both the stopped holes in cherry and the through holes in oak.

RPM oak = 250; cherry = 330

The lower cherry block and upper oak block were secured to a piece of yellow pine.
Shortened tubes freely float in the rack, no adhesive in holes.
 Kaizen foam pieces were put in the bottom of the tube to protect the carbide cutters.  
A piece of Crubber was put in the v-parting tool tube to protect the Kaizen foam.
Chamfered edges...either at router table or plane.
Then I played around with storage ideas for a few measurement tools...calipers, square and rule...laid them out with Kaizen foam...
Made the French fit cut outs and added some trim to hold the foam in place.
Finished project.





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