Webbing Stretcher



In making the Arts & Craft style oak chair (go here) I had to learn how to upholster a slip seat in leather.

Here is the basics of the slip seat upholstery as shown by Rodel.

I ordered elastic webbing off the internet...

The elastic webbing is stapled to the frame.

The webbing needs to be stretched prior to stapling.

This is done with a stretcher...there are three types.

Rather than buy one...I opted to make one.

I selected the spiked version...I believe that it will be the easiest to use as well as the easiest to make.

I drew a prototype in Sketchup...the basic dimensions will be 3 inches wide, 8 inches long and 1.25 inches thick.


The cutoff used is yellow pine left over from the build of the workbench.

Laid out and drilled five holes (3/32)...

Laid out and cut the arcs that would sculpt out a comfy hand hold.

Cut fat...sanded to line.

Roundover at router table.

Tapped in 5 nails...6d.


Ground off the nail heads...then used Dremel, diamond files, and small, tapered saw files to sharpen points.

Tested points on the material...not easy to pierce but worked.

Sculpted, sanding all edges and surfaces only to 100x...wanted rounded edges but stil rough enough to provide decent grip.

Padded on one coat of shop mixed "Super Blond" shellac.

Then used some leftover Crubber, a composite of natural cork and rubber. Used this product when making faces for Moxon2.


Crubber cut well with joiners blade.

To secure...heated the material with a blow dryer to make it more maleable...wrapped it over the end...3 inch wide by x ~3 3/4 inches long...

...secured with square drive, shouldered # 8 x 3/4" inch long screws

the tool

Materials to make the leather slip seat.

frame, webbing, webbing stretcher tool, cotton batting, muslin fabric, vinyl material, cambric fabric, high density foam

In use...setting up angle etc. for webbing tool to pierce the webbing...I have no idea of how this really works, second attempt here...


Tool is shown here, fulling stretching webbing for the A & C chair slip seat frame...after taut, put in four tacks.



For full webbing, etc. install onto slip seat frame...go here.



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