Project Box Rolling Cart

This rolling cart was designed to hold some plastic document boxes.

The sides and top will be constructed from 3/4 ply. The shelves will be .25 inch MDF.

Some leftover casters will provide mobility.

An early working plan was created in Sketchup.

After some design mods to make better use of materials...this was the working model...



The document boxes are from Sam's Club...sold as a stack in various colors.
This cart will hold a dozen of these locking boxes.
Designed to hold 8.5 x 11 documents...I use them to hold papers, tools, parts, small tolls, etc. for projects...
saved as archives or just temporarily used during a project build.

The casters were cheap 2 inch models, two fixed, two swivel, all non-locking...should not matter as there will not  be too much weight nor much mobility for this cart.


laid out the grooves on the side...would have liked to cut the grooves across the 23 inch piece and then rip cut the sides to 11 inches...but I eventually had to settle for working two sides @ 11
The side panels of the cabinet are 3/4  MDF
...they will have grooves .25 wide and ~7/16 deep
there will be four inch spaces between the shelves
After getting a bit frustrated with laying out the grooves...I decided that they only had to be close...I simply ticked the location of the midway of the groove...matched with a tick on the MFT3 surface that designated  center of the cut for this bit...
This router work was done @ MFT3 with 1/4 inch up/down spiral router bit.
It was easy to cut full 3/8 slot in one pass into the MDF.
The setup allowed for plenty of work piece stopping and clamping...the extra MDF pieces were positioned to help balance and support the OF 1400
After completing the grooves in one side...the panel was placed, mirrored, against the "to be grooved" panel...visually confirmed and ticked the middle of the groove and extended that to the other piece.




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