BLT Rub Project

I wanted to make a batch of home brew waxing compound. I had read of an old style rub that was used on tools. It was effective at protecting both wooden handles and metal parts. I wanted to use it on axes, hammers, etc.

I also wanted to use it to seal and protect working jigs, bench hooks, etc.

This mix had been used in the old days by furniture makers and iron workers alike.

The recipe that I followed was:

12 ounces of bees wax

12 ounces of boiled linseed oil

12 ounces of turpentine.

I decided to use the initials BLT to simplify the name for the wax rub.

Here are the ingredients.

I melted the beeswax in a double boiler on a hotplate.

I did it on the back porch since smell was going to be strong.


After melting the wax, the linseed oil and turpentine were added and stirred to a consistent color.

This was then poured into a quart can.

The rub is applied like any wax.

Here is the first application.

This is a saw hook of black walnut and hard maple.





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