Corner Shelf

This will be a storage/display will be above two doors in the corner.





Wood Selection, Milling Wood


Sanding, Finish Application

Hanging the Final Product



This shelf will hold numerous Lego items.

Silas and I measured all of his Lego creations and determined that most of them would fit on this shelf.

The corner design is to utilize some dead space in his room.

My first Sketchup of my design...



Wood Selection, Milling



I purchased some 4/4 poplar stock from Larry at Heartwood in Star, MS.

Boards were 7+ inches wide and 10 feet long.

They surface planed both sides of the boards to 7/8 inch thick and jointed an edge.

Cindy and I cut the boards into 6 foot and 4 foot sections in the garage...

In the shop, further rough milling was done at the MFT3 table and the P66...
Rough blanks were then stored for a rest...then will be planed down to 3/4...



Sanding, Finish Application
Prior to carase assembly, the interior surfaces were sanded with Rotex 150mm with a grit progression of 120x-220x-400x.

I padded on three coats of made with BT&C Amber flakes and Everclear 190 proof alcohol.

Board locations that would be glued were taped off so that shellac would not affect the glue joint.

The carcase was sanded at 150x, 220x, and 400x...
Hanging the Final Product




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