Kitchen Floor Project


In conjunction with the foyer and washroomn overhaul the kitchen and

breakfast nook are to get a new floor.


New Tile Floor

Prep work for the floor install started with the removal of the previous vinyl floors.

This was tedious, physical labor.

The top floor came up reasonably easy but the bottom floor was tough.
After wetting the glue and scraping with razor devices the surface was finished "down to concrete floor".
The area behind the refrigerator was covered in wallpaper...we pulled this down and will paint this area.

The floor was cleaned down to the concrete. This will wait until all is ready for the new vinyl and we will move the refrerator well out of the way and then prep the wall, paint the wall, replace the electricals, put in new trim and vinyl floor.

The galley walkway in the kitchen with the vinyl removed.
The breakfast nook with vinyl removed. In this area the quarter round was pulled but the base moulding will stay.
After hours of scraping the adhesive is finally up.
Rolling on the primer to seal the concrete floor and prep the surface for the peel and stick tiles.
Laying tile...following pattern from the hallway into the kitchen and then left into the breakfast nook.
Tile floor done in the breakfast nook.
Transition from kitchen to den.


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