Saw Till Project


I have had hand saws hanging in a variety of locations. When I added three Veritas saws I decided to throw together a saw till for easy access storage near the work bench.

The Veritas saws had a handle grip shape that did not allow for simple pegboard hanging.


I started by looking on the Internet for some ideas. Then I took each saw that I wanted to store and looked at how that might be accomplished for each individual saw.

I came up with a design that would store the Veritas saws in one way and the other saws in a different fashion.

The basic unit was put togeter with 3/4 inch Baltic birch plywood with 1/2 inch MDF rear supports.

On the right side, for the Veritas saws, I used mahogany for the saw spacing rack. I cut the slots on the bandsaw with a chisel making the deep cut.

An old oak tool handle was used for the saw hilt rest .



For the left side I need variable spacing so I used 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch oak stock and assembled a grid.

I ripped all of the thin pieces using a rockler cutoff jig on the table saw. This allows you to cut thin pieces off on the left side of the blade to reduce kick back issues.

The two parallel edges had to fit snugly between the side panels. To make sure that the fit was tight I cut these two pieces overly long and then I used the shooting board to plane the ends until they were perfect fits.
I mass cut the cross pieces on the chop saw with a quick block setup to speed the cuts.

Then I glued the oak spacers together using a 23 gauge pin nailer.

I varied the spaces at 1/8, 1/2, and one inches using brass bars and 1/2/3 blocks.


Then I installed the oak grid into the left side of the till and glued it with pins and screws.
After putting oak banding on all of the veneer ply edges I sanded all corners to ease them and the unit was ready to hang.

I screwed the till to the wall in the southeast corner of the shop in a location that has room for the saws on the left to hang freely.

In the left section:
Irwin ryoba saw (9 1/2",7 tpi, 17 tpi);
Irwin pull saw (7 1/4", 22 tpi);
Stanley back saw (14",13 tpi);
Ikedame ryoba (9 1/2", 6 tpi, 14 tpi);
Jack dovetail (10", 14 tpi)

In the right section:
Veritas crosscut (9 1/4", 16 tpi)
Veritas dovetail (9 1/4", 14 tpi)
Veritas fine dovetail (9 1/4", 20 tpi)


This corner is predominately hand tools.

The woodworking bench and plane till are directly to the left.

Update: 2014


Left side: 2 japanese saws, 2 Western panel, 2 flush cut, Gramercy sash, Bad Axe large tenon

Right side: Veritas crosscut, 2 Veritas rip cut dovetails, Lie Nielsen tapered dovetail and progress cut dovetail saws





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