MFT3 Adjustments


Some MFT3 Adjustments

There has always been a little too much looseness in the rail on the MFT3. The groove in the rail is simply larger than the tab that is supposed to hold it in place.

A company, Tool Improvements, markets a retro fix that that tightens up that connection.

They call their product the "Slop Stop".



Slop Stop

The Slop Stop is machined from Delrin®...the unit slides int the slot in the has two holes bored that hold hex head pins.

Tighening these hex heads will lock the unit in place.

This image show how the unit fits over the rail tab.

MFT3 Lower Shelf

I decided to add a lower shelf to MFT3 table. It needed to be stout, but I also wanted it to be easily removed.

Used 3/4 inch MDF...cut it down to size to fit between the legs on each end.

Milled some 4/4 oak down to use for the ends and for the stablelizer.

I heavily chamfered the end rails at the router table to protect shins and the ends of the MDF.

I then screwed and glued oak ends to the board.

Another oak board (3/4 x 3/4) was glued and screwed to the bottom of the MDF board at a distance that lets the two pieces of oak drop over the leg connector bar.

This keeps the shelf from moving.

At the other end, another oak strip was glued and screwed.
Clamped up...
In use...


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