Hitachi CS40EA Chainsaw

Recoil Spring Rewind


Had lots of problems trying to start the Hitachi chainsaw for the first time.

Then the recoil spring quit working. Had to pull the unit apart.

The blow up of parts was no help. They simply call part 174 the Recoil Starter and have no break down of parts inside the housing.

After checking out some online recoil spring reloads for other brands I made some headway.

Pulled the pawl unit off plus a "soft-start" spring. Then lifted the spool unit out.

The white housing fits into the recoil assembly and holds the recoil spring.


Disconnected the pull handle.


Wound the rope onto the spool. The excess is held in the notch.

Pulled the spring assembly to check for integrity. As far as I could tell the spring is in decent shape.


Placed the spring in as good a position as possible for connecting the spring hook with the plastic connect point in the spool.

Replaced the spring unit, the spool assembly, and turned the spool to load the spring.

All seemed well.

Replaced the outer spring and screwed down the pawl unit. Checked recoil. It was good.

Ran rope back through hole and handle and secured with knot.

Reassembled and recoil unit works.


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