Finger Joint Production Project



 Box Ideas Using Finger Joints

Wood Selection

Top and Bottom Variants


Ideas for Boxes

Using Finger Joints

Napkin boxes...previous project...

Box Joint Procedure Notes, PDF
Infinity Finger Joint Jig, OEM manual PDF
Open top boxes...3 inches tall, 6 x 8, MDF .25 bottoms

Short open top boxes...2 inches tall, 3 x 5, Masonite .125 bottoms

Letter tray...2.5-3.0  inches tall... 13.5 x 11....25 MDF bottom
Index card file, copy of existing file...make two...solid wood top, .25 MDF bottoms...scroll cut  as shown, or straight 90 cut

Wood Selection, Milling,

Finger Joints

Variants for Tops and Bottoms

MDF bottom panel...

This rebate was let in about 3/16 inch and the depth of cut was only about 1/32 inch.


Dry fit the bottom to make sure that the notches that I had chiseled worked well...
Dry fit with the bottom panel...
Slide top...solid wood
Friction top
Tote top with handle
Tote top with drop in panel.
Hinged top



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