Stanley #5 Restoration


A friend, Arash, bought a Stanley #5 jack plane on eBay. This plane has a blue painted body with a Bailey type frog and mechanism.

Stanley stopped using black japanning and went to the blue paint in their Type 20 series in the 1960s.


Frog assembly and front knob.

Side of frog assembly and rear tote. This tote has a crack but appears to have been well glued...the tote was not securely screwed down and the lateral adjustment lever has been rubbing it.

After a good tightening, it appears that the lever should clear the tote.

Rear tote off the sole with the crack fix visible.
The sole is tested for flat here with a Starrett straight edge. Small amount of light could be seen toward the heel. It passes.
Slight rounding at the mouth. It passses.
The side of the body was in pretty good shape with a minimum of rust.
The rust and crud was removed with the Sandplex Rust Erase series of coarse, medium and fine. Then a coat of Renaissance micro-crystaline wax polish.
The other side of the body...
...cleaned up and waxed.
The lever cap and blade assembly.
Lever cap and frog after some cleaning.
Frog screw holes and sole plate mouth after cleaning. Everything looks pretty good here.
The hardware pulled...

...doused in Brasso...


The back of blade with the cap iron installed.
Cap iron de-rusted and cleaned up.
Blade pulled and lapped on the DMT lapping plate.

This blade has had the back lapped before...there were some low spots in the middle toward the tip.

The very tip had been rounded in previous sharpenings.

The lapping did not create a burr at first but eventually created a burr across the entire edge.

The lapping to a mirror shine will take some time.

A primary bevel of 25 degrees was ground.
After a honing at 1000x and a micro beve 8000x...a test run on cherry and pine.





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