Audio Visual Shelf Unit


Our Sony TV in the den sits on a desk that once was a sewing machine work station that had belonged to Cindy's grandmother and mother. The "fold down" sewing maching is no longer part of the desk.

We wanted to put some shelves in the central lower opening to hold AV equipment that had been taking up space on top of the desk.

We wanted to remove the clutter and provide better line-of-sight for IR signals. However, there was limited space in this lower area so the shelf unit had to be designed to hold everything yet fit into the opening.

For this little AV shelf unit I used the same "salvage plywwod" that I used in the toybox project.

This sheet had Baltic Birch on one side and Black Walnut on the other.

First step was to route 3/4 inch dadoes.

Interior shelves were made from 3/4 Baltic birch plywood

This photo shows Bessey clamps during the shelf and carcase glue up.

Shelf edge banding of walnut hardwood was installed with glue and shot with 18 gauge brads.



Here is the unit after a couple of applications of Teak oil.

I like the walnut and birch contrast.


Plywood glue blocks were put on the bottom to accomodate easy glide slides to make it simple to pull the shelf unit out for wiring tasks.

The shelf unit fit nicely into the space beneath the desk.

Housed here are a Sony Blu-Ray player, a Comcast DVR,
a Mini-Mac computer with remote control storage, and the computer imput lap module which is an aluminum Bullet Train eXpress platform with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and an Apple Bluetooth Touchpad.



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