Cindy and I have a

2003 Honda VTX 1800 Retro

Here is a Honda promo picture of the VTX Retro. The color of our bike is called Titanium. The day that our VTX was built in 2002, the VTX 1800 was the largest motorcycle to have ever been put into production.


This is the first picture that I took of our bike. We bought it used, we met the guy in a parking lot, I took it for a spin and I loved it. I had been saving my money for a new, black VTX 1300. After I rode the big bike, I had to step up. I thought I would just save longer and buy a new, black 1800 but the price came down to a deal that I could not pass up and I had to buy this one. Cindy and I have come to love the color.
The bike was basically stock with a few items of bling. There was a Cobra sissy bar, Cobra passenger floorboards and a Memphis Shades windshield.
I have since added... Cobra Fatty Highway Bars: I love the thicker size and they have come in handy when I have had to lay the beast down.
Kewl Metal Formotion Clock: this unit covers the clutch fluid reservoir.
Kewl Metal Thermometer: this unit covers the brake fluid reservoir.
Cobra Light Bar: I like the way this light bar looked and it sure makes it easier to see me coming.
As soon as I added the light bar, I had to change out all of the turn signals and the brake light for Clear Lens.
Tourmaster Cruiser II Slant Saddle Bags
Kewl Metal air intake cover:
X marksthe Spot!
Kewl Metal "Swirl" Billet Grips: I love the feel and the look plus they have built in helmet locks.
Kuryakin Handlebar Control Cover Sets: a nice look that covers up a lot of plain.
And last but certainly not least...the comfort zone of a custom Mustang seat.

I love being an X rider.