Nova Viking

Benchtop Drill Press



Replaced the shop drill press, a very old Delta, with a Nova Viking 16 inch benchtop model.

Setting Up the Unit

I bought the unit online and it was shipped to me via was to be delivered to the drive way...but due to street paving in the neighborhood I met the truck at the highway.


Shipping package was about 180 lbs.


Nova parts were well shipped in bags and well protected in styrofoam.

Small parts, table, base...all exposed surfaces were coated with shipping grease...had to clean...

The body of the unit...

I laid the body on the outfeed table so that the bottom of the assembly was off the table

I then bolted the base on to the assembly with four 16mm bolts.


Max helped me move the unit to the reconfigured drill press work area.

The drill chuck arbor was installed into the chuck...tapped with mallet.

...and then the arbor was installed into the quill...tapped with a mallet.

Installed the ratcheting arm and attached the three handles to the pinion shaft.

Installed the table.

This is the OEM table insert...

Turned on power...booted to this screen...I think this is a firmware number.


Then I got an error code on the screen.

Machine will not run.

Searched for answers in manual, online forums, and called Teknatool...recorded message said I must do a service appointment request...

Played with every possibility that I could find...finally discovered that the emergency stop button was locked in place...after releasing that the unit worked fine...apparently this code "E.Stp" means for emergency stop engaged.

Ready to learn the software...after recovering from disappointment that the benchtop model did not include the Adaptive Control™ software.

Tested all functions.

Updated the firmware...on the website the Viking DVR update was named


I figured that his would be the same soffware that I already have but ran the update anyway.

Downloaded the Zip file.

Using USB cable i transfered from laptop.

Had some issues installing the firmware routine...  

The laser center was off a smidge...physical adjustment of the lasers was tweaked using two grub it is dead on.

For metal work I got a Forward 4 inch Q194A drill press vise.

Ready to design and build a temporary table and fence...

looking to secure a Woodpecker's DP Pro when the model is released.




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