Powermatic PWBS 14" Bandsaw Setup



The Powermatic PWBS-14CS is a 14 inch bandsaw.

This unit has a 1 1/2 hp motor running on 110v AC.
I plan to convert this to 220 V.


Installing the Unit

I picked up the bandsaw (in three packages) at the dealer.

None of the packages were near as heavy as the previous jointer shipment .

But there was a lot of parts to be added to the unit and adjusted.


As with the jointer, the most difficult part of the assembly was adjusting the belt. The motor mount bolts were very difficult to get to.

Here in this photo, I am using "the clamps with a thousand uses"
...the Besseys...
to hold the motor down to keep the belt tensioned while I tighten the bolts.


The installed unit:
front view.
The installed unit:
rear view.
A quick connect Dust Right rubber flange mount was clamped to the 4 inch dust port.

A Dust Right flex hose with quick connect handle is attached as need to the bandsaw.


A hard ductwork line may be plumbed under the shop to this location at a later date

After checking the tables, the mitre guage and the fence for square, level and plumbe...the final adjustment was to set all the upper and lower bearings to 1/64 clearance.

Next up is to attach the 6 riser accessory unit to enable 12 inch clearance for resawing.

A WoodSlicer™ 105 inch x 1/2 inch bimetal resaw blade is on order from Iturra to be installed.

Conversion to 220 v. Ran a new line to outlet.  


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