Fixed Angle Jig


For use with the Wood Owl 1/2 inch bit...this jig will be used on resultant angle sightlines to make holes for staked furniture builds.


This bit is 7.5 inches long and cannot be used at the drill press for this process.

This jig will enable the bit to used in a hand power drill at the proper angle.


Using an oak blank...drilled a 1/2 hole at 15 angle at the drill press.

Inserted the 1/2 inch Wood Owl bit through the angle jig...placing the lead screw on the mark...

Brought the prototype 1 jig down to the surface...aligned the front mark with the resultant angle sightline...removed the bit...

Secured at bench and drilled out the hole...worked reasonably well but jig is huge...need to downsize.
Sketchup of jig prototype 2

1.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall..4.75 inches long...beveled front edge at 45...front platform 1 1/2  x ~1 1/4 and a rear platform 1 1/2  x ~7/8 to provide clamping surfaces that will not interfere with the drilling process...
1/2 inch hole drilled at 15.
Hole drilled at drill press with 1/2 inch Forstner bit.
Image of jig prototype 2
In use...setting up location using the lead screw to define center of hole...then aligning with front edge against the sightline.
Securing the jig and blank with hold downs at the bench.
Checking angle with dowel in hole...
Tapering the mortise...
Checking angle of the taper mortise against the tapered test leg





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