Cedar Chest Restoration


I inherited a large cedar chest that my mother had painted in her 70s "milk can antique green" phase.

At some point a decade ago, I attacked the paint with a belt sander and was so frustrated with the process that I declared that the chest would never be presenetable and it became an attic storage unit for my camping gear.

During a "clean out the attic of my shop" phase, I decided that it would no longer be used as attic storage and we decided to use it to hold quilts in the guest room in the house.


So I started the restoration project on the top of the chest with a sanding session with the 150mm sander.

Even after most of the paint was removed, it was pretty clear that this would never be a beautiful piece...it certainly has a "distressed" look.

The edges were all sanded with 90mm Rotex.


The top...ready for some finish...the first coat will be 1# Super Blonde Shellac.
The shellac was padded on...just that quick first coat really changed the appearance.
After the quick drying...rubbed the top out with 0000 steel wool.
The next layers will be rub on varnish...General Finishes Arm-R-Seal oil and urethane top coat.
This coat was applied with a disposable pad.
First coat...
On to the chest...the unit before the final sanding.
After the sanding...ready to start the finish...shellac was put on with a pad.
Chest after a rub-on coat of blonde shellac and then a varnish oil and urethane rub.

After a knock-back of the gloss of the urethane with 0000 steel wool.






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