PC Drive Cabinet


I need a storage cabinet for external drives and USB flash drives at my computer workstation.
There will be two 3 x 6 drawers side by side at the bottom.
The top will have four 2 x 6 drawers.
Configuration shown below.


Wood Selection, Blank Milling

Final Milling, Carcase Assembly

Drawer Assembly

Finish Application

Final Touches and End Product



A Sketchup model of the basic layout.

Most material will be 1/2 inch thick.


This view shows thumb holes in the drawers for easy pulls.
These are 1/2" radius holes...thus 1 inch wide, 1/2" tall.

The center piece shown here fits into a stopped dado and instead of a through dado as shown above.
This is view of the rear of the box...there is a .125 inch rabbet around the interior edge of the carcase to let in the rabbet to accommodate a rear panel of 1/8" hard board.
Original plan was for miter joints...changed design to use box joints...top and bottom panels are white here for differentiation purposes...

Wood Selection, Blank Milling


The cabinet wood in this project will be African mahogany purchased down in Star.

This plank was pulled out of deep storage in shop attic.  Should be truly dry.

African mahogany, also called khaya, acajou d"Afrique.
Scientific: Khaya A. ivorensis
 Color and appearance: Heartwood ranges from pale pink to a deeper reddish brown, sometimes with streaks of medium to dark reddish brown. Colors darken with age. Quartersawn surfaces exhibit a ribbon-stripe appearance.
Info from wood-database.com
This plank started as 4/4 lumber...we surfaced both sides when we got it to look at the grain...it is now about 7/8 inches thick

The blank is 60 inches long and  5 feet long...about 9.25 inches wide.

After layout the blank was ripped to 7.75 inches to allow access at jointer.

The sides of the drawers and the muntin wall will be red oak. Quartersawn blanks...these two blanks were ~1 3/8 inch thick...after jointing a face and an edge they will be milled.
Need 4 blanks @ 3" wide, 7" long, 3/8" thick
Need 8 blanks @ 2" wide, 7" long, 3/8" thick

Resawn at bandsaw...5/8 inch...
Blanks were jointed as needed and then surface planed...down to ~1/2 inch.
Blanks are now ready to be drum sanded to 3/8" thickness.
This white oak blank was not tall enough to be the center muntin panel...chopped it, jointed edges and put in Dominoes.
Glued the blank together...drum sanded...blank ready to be milled.
The top and the bottom panels will have a stopped groove to accept the notched top and bottom of the center muntin.
The drawer slides will be attached to interior sides of the case.

The grooves in the side panels must be stopped grooves.
The center panel will be secondary wood with a 1/2 inch muntin attached to the front edge...so the grooves in this panel can be through dadoes
The inner drawer faces will have a 1/4 inch groove by 3/16 inch deep to let in the MDF bottoms..
These grooves can be through grooves.
The drawer joints...the front will have 1/4 x 3/8 rabbets to let in the drawer sides...
The rear view of the carcase with drawers in...the rear panel of the carcase will be 1/8 inch thick hardboard.

Final Milling and Carcase Assembly

The mahogany panels were ripsawn at the band saw.
Then they were finished sanding at the drum sander.
Blank selections were made according to grain alignments.
Top, bottom and sides were finger joint milled on P66 with jig and the Infinity .25 blade.
We learned a lesson regarding finger alignments...
To make the dadoes we would use small router for the 1/4 inch slots in the sides and muntin.
We decided to mark the center line of the bit...used half rule.
With a small angle file, we etch marked the plastic guide for the center.
Marked in red
The top and bottom blanks need a 1/2 inch dado to accept the muntin.
Used MFT/UJK setup to use Festool router.

Festool router setup...we should have used the longer edge of the router...
Stopped dado was controlled visually.
Stopped dado cleaned up and squared with chisel.
The box carcase was dry fit and the drawer dadoes were center using 1-2-3 blocks.
Then the knife marks were extended...
MFT/UJK setup for the Ryobi router.
Router in use...
For these stopped grooves we used a UJK stop...worked great.
Stopped dado...
Alignment check for the grooves...all good except top left off a skosh.

Milling and Assembly of Drawers

Hardware selection...Horton H-42, 3/8 inch, dark antique,  with wood screws (3/8 inch)
Finish Application

Final Touches and End Product



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