PC Drive Cabinet


I need a storage cabinet for external drives at my computer workstation.
There will be two 3 x 6 drawers side by side at the bottom.
The top will have four 2 x 6 drawers.
Configuration shown below.


Wood Selection, Blank Milling

Finish Application

Final Milling, Carcase Assembly

Dovetails and Drawer Assembly

Final Touches and End Product



A Sketchup model of the basic layout.

All material will be 1/2 inch thick.


This view shows thumb holes in the drawers for easy pulls.
These are 1/2" radius holes...thus 1 inch wide, 1/2" tall.

The center piece shown here fits into a stopped dado and instead of a through dado as shown above.
This is view of the rear of the box...there is a .25 inch rabbet around the interior edge of the carcase to let in the rabbet to accommodate a rear panel of .25" material.
Some color for definition...front.
Rear...with 1/4 inch MDF let into rabbet on rear edges.

The carcase of the cabinet will be joined with mitre joints.
The joints will have spline keys...
or perhaps dovetails keys.

Wood Selection, Blank Milling


The cabinet wood in this project will be African mahogany purchased down in Star.

This plank was pulled out of deep storage in shop attic.  Should be truly dry.

This plank started as 4/4 lumber...we surfaced both sides when we got it to look at the grain.

The board is about 7/8" thick now by 5 feet long...about 9.25 inches wide.

The sides of the drawers and drawer slides will be white oak. Quartersawn would be nice...not sure what is in the attic.
Need 4 blanks @ 3" wide, 7" long, .50" thick
Need 48 blanks @ 2" wide, 7" long, .50" thick

The drawer slides will be attached to interior sides of the case.
The stopped dado will be grooved into the outer faces of the drawer sides.
The dado in the side of the drawer will
let in the slide  ...
The bottom the drawers and the rear panel of the carcase will be .25 MDF.
Finish Application

Prior to assembly all interior surfaces on the sides were hand sanded and two coats of Super Blond shellac were  padded on.

Final Milling and Carcase Assembly

Hand Sawn Half Blind Dovetails
and Drawer Assembly

Final Touches and End Product



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