Attic Upgrades

Phase 1 Flooring for Storage

Phase 2 Walkway Boulevard

Phase 3 Lights

Phase 1: Flooring for Storage

Going to floor two areas for storage...attic joists are 2 x 6 stock running north-south...there is a 2 x 6 cross piece running east-west.

I will work on the left side first...this area is called the "Porch"...the right are is the "Archival Deck"...

I have to work around some obstacles...will lay down 2 x 4 scabs horizontally on top of the joists...
And then attach 3/4 C grade plywood sheets on to the frame.
On the deck portion...I ran scabs and plywood in a different, E-W direction...


The plywood...3/4 inch C grade...was ripped and cross cut to pre-conceived sizes in the garage at the Benchmark table...and then the 2 foot wide pieces were hoisted into the attic and installed...

On the Archives Deck...side view...checking fit for DDG archives (blue), WTG archives (green), and GWG Archives (purple)
On the Archives Deck...front angle view.
On the Archives Deck...front view of DDG archives.

Phase 2: Walkway Boulevard

The spine of the Boulevard would optimally be right down the center of the house...however, the vaulted ceiling of the den and the air conditioning ducts cause a direct path to be is what an ideal, full 8 foot section would look like...20.5 inch scabs would be air nailed to top of five 2 x 6 joists.
Two eight foot 2x4s would be attached to outside of these scabs...making a frame that is 27.5 inches wide.
The end scabs will provide a lip for the next piece of ply to lay on...
Here is how a 24 inch wide piece of 3/4 inch ply will lay...
Close up shows how next section 2 x 4s and ply will attach...

First eight foot run was at the far end...I was able to use the 2 x 8 run of plywood as a "sled"...I ran it down the spine of the attic on the collar beams.

I roughed out the wiring as I went...and took along necessary tools.

I nailed off the 2 x 4 frame with spaces for wires...marked them carefully to avoid putting nails close to them.
Screwed down the first 2 x 8 plywood sheet...this gave me a workspace.
Phase 3: Lights


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