Spline Joint Sled


This sled will allow spline joints to be made for both 1/4 inch straight splines or for dovetail spline joints.


Wood Selection, Milling

Sled Assembly



 I wanted the sled to work on the P66 and at the router table. 
I want to make
joints with straight spline keys...this would be with Infinity .25 inch blade at P-66
Spline joints can also use dovetail keys, so it must be able to work at the router table.

 I looked around the Internet for some ideas...Eagle America had this model. AT $120, nothing here that would make me not build unit in the shop.

Woodsmith.com had a nice model online explained well...
but I prefer a sled and I also want it to work well on router table.

Wood Magazine had an interesting model that rides over the fence...still wanting a unit that works on the router table.
Sketchup warehouse had a model that would work for my purposes...
the full model was not downloadable to my free Sketchup 17.
Used this model for some ideas.
Kings Fine Woodworking had a pretty good video of the building of the unit shown here. 
At YouTube.com
This design would meet my needs.
Kings Fine Woodworking has plans on their website.
Image is Sketchup of the project.
I opted to merge some of the design features and produced the Sketchup shown here.
This view is from the back, the side that is pushed.
This view is from the front.
There is a 5/8 inch slot at the left side...this will be for dovetail cuts.
The .25 slot on the left is for straight spline cuts on the P-66

This is the underside of the sled...the T-slot bar will be 5 7/16 from the edge of the Infinity .25 slot which is cut on the P-66.

The T-slot bar will be 5 7/16 from the edge of a 5/8 inch slot.  This slot will accommodate a variety of dovetail bits at the router table.

Wood Selection,  Milling


Carcase Assembly




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