Chop Saw Fence

The fence on the chop saw was seemingly not square to the blade.

We decided to add a sacrificial fence that could be shimmed as needed.

I took off the top part of the left fence...there are two 1/4 inch holes in the fence...these will be used to connect the new melamine fence.
The left fence has an extended plate and fence that does not have a hole in the face. It is a good bit thicker...a hole could be drilled here as needed...view of the extension is from the top.
The right side Vega fence extension was about four feet long...I decided to use a small Vega extension...about 2 feet. The original extension would static, it could not be adjusted forward and I put some 1/4 inch grooves in the MDF counter top...marked out here. I drilled holes at each end and used a router to connect them...I free handed and made the grooves a little wider...
A 1/4 inch x 20 thread bolt will fit through the groove and the plate and will be adjustable with the red knobs. The black knobs will tighten a bar in the extruded aluminum extension and will allow the fence to be adjusted left to right.
I repurposed some large extruded L plates...I had to drill some new holes...these 1/4-20 black knobed bolts will secure the plate to the fence and after securing them to the worktop they will hold the fence upright and square.
Here is the new extension fence...four securing knobs along with a new maple stop.
How the melamine fence will transition to the extension to the right.
A few of the shorter fence...
How the melamine fence will transition to the left extension...this extension already had the ability to be relocated.
I used a socket bolt, stainless steel, 3/8 inch head, 2 1/4 inch long, 1/4-20 threads. Drilling the hole will work better with round head, hex socket will allow easy tightening.
Marking out the holes...3/8 inch counter sink hole with a Forstner bit, through 1/4 inch hole for the shaft.
Installed bolts...
To tighten...3/16 inch hex, 7/16 wrench.
Right side is satisfactory...

Left end is getting some flex out towards the end of the chops saw base extension...may need another hole drilled.


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