Hand Tool Build

Plane Hammer

Step 1: Metalwork


I had some hexagonal brass stock...decided to cut off a piece and make a plane hammer.

Used a hack saw to rough cut.

End profile.

The head is about the same weight as a brass hammer that I currently used but the configuration will be much different.

It will be thinner and longer... I plan to "dome" one end with the other remaining square.

I cleaned up the six sides on the DMT lapping plate.
Squared up the ends a bit...
One end had some machine markings...
The DMT lapping plate ate them up...
Placed the brass head in vise. Clamped the vise to the drill press table.
Drilled a reasonably appropriate hole.
Drilled a second hole...and then attempted a third...the bit went awry and really ate up the sides of the pretend oval hole.

Used the Bosch jig saw and a metal cutting blade and cut out the area between the two holes.

The sides were very irregular. Had to work on them with files.

It took a good bit of work to get the oval hole in reasonable shape to receive the handle.

The hexagonal shape does not clamp easily. I had to use alternative vise jaw faces.

The drilling and surfacing of these holes really should be done on a metal working mill.







Step 2: Making the handle
I found a piece of Black Walnut in the scrap bin. I planed it down to check out the grain runs.

I found the grain pattern that I want to use...

I like the feel of the hammer handle in the picture so I will use it as something of a model for the Walnut handle.

Step 3: Finish






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