Shop Cabinet Unit


This is the preliminary design of a new shop cabinet unit.


The bottom shelf will be for manuals.The underside of that shelf will hold a 4 foot T8 light fixture to provide ample light for the measurement tool chest that is under construction.

The center of the top shelf will have a hinged glass door and that section will house a 5.1 Technics stereo. It will be accessed via remote control.

As part of the 2011 shop overhaul I wanted to replace some shelving and a metal cabinet.

The area to be remodeled is shown in this image.

Here is the designated area with everything cleared except the electricals.

Cindy helped me secure a sheet of Baltic birch plywood and rip it down to accessible sizes.

Here I am performing guided cross cuts with the TS 75.

Dadoes are being cut here with the OF 1400 and an edge guide attachment.
This photo shows a dado routing setup using a new FS 1400 guide rail and the Guide Stop system . It is clamped underneath for a secure hold.

This totally changes the concept of routing dadoes across stock...a precise, perfect dado every time.
Here is the upper portion of the cabinet assembly during glue up.
Next phase was to build the lower assembly and attach it to the upper assesmbly.

First step was to put in dominoes as indexing at the connection joint.
Then Kreg pocket holes were put in to allow an easy screw down at the glue line.
Here is the finished glue line with the pocket holes visible.
Here the sections are gluing up. The Bessey clamps are being used to separate the shelving as the shelf partitions are installed and glued.
Here is a test fit for the unit. The Luan back panel has not be installed yet. The blue tape is marking the location of studs for later install.

Here is the cabinet installed after the backing panel has been attatched.

The top shelf holds archived Fine Woodworking magazines with the center section devoted to the Tecnics stereo unit.

The lower shelf has tool manuals in binders plus wood working books.


The bottom section will house the Machinist Chest that is under construction. This chest will hold all of the quality measurement tools.
A new T8 light fixture was installed under the lower shelf to provide extra lighting for this area.

Oak rail and stile trim pieces were milled and installed.

The front edge of the lower shelf was milled to 3 1/2 inches wide for strenth and to make the light fixture easier on the eyes.



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