Stone Flower Bed Project

and Northeast Yard Development


Cindy's Stone Flower Bed


After the shop was built there was a long term plan that had a large deck being built in the northeast corner of the back yard.

Nothing much went on in this quadrant except that the excavation dirt from the driveway addition was dumped here.

We often joked that it had turned into a "gravesite" hump...

Years passed and we recently opted to not build a deck.

Cindy decided to turn that hump into a flower bed enclosed in stone.

We purchased a load of stones and commenced to excavate.



However, we could not sort out how the circular bed would go. We did not really know where to start.

I created a SketchUp model of one of the stones and then used that to make a sample single layer of stones.

This enabled us to have precise measurements of the inner and outer diameters of the stone circle.

Then it all started with the placement of a single reference stone.

This stone would be the lowest point and all other stones would be laid in reference to it.

Cindy did all of the labor and stonework for this project.

Here the stones are being laid...the stones had to tilt inward toward the bed and be level from side to side with the other stones.

The circle is complete.

First plants to go in...

A couple of years Cindy had spotted plants she really liked... but she never could find out what they were..she finally discovered the name of the plant she wanted...Mexican petunias...she put it in the center of the bed and she surrounded that with geraniums.

View is from the west.

View from the east.





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