Scroll Saw Name Chain


Making some name chains for four of my young friends in the neighborhood.

Looked around Internet and zeroed in on a pattern style that I liked...

Using Word, I created a name in large Cooper Black font (~200).

This filled the page in landscape orientation

Then on the advanced tab of the font selection, I played around with settings until the letter overlap looked about right for scroll saw work...

Spacing = Condensed > By = 13 points
Then on the Format Text Effects tab...
for a nice working template look...
Text Fill = No Fill
Text Outline = Solid Line
Wood Prep
I used a thin blank of African padauk...left over from the jewelry cabinet.
Surfaced with a bevel up smoother...
Squared with a jack plane...
Scroll Work

Scroll saw blade selections...

for tight outer cuts,,,Olsen 5R reverse skip tooth

For inner cuts, Olsen #2 spiral tooth,
Downsized the names, printed the them to the  wood blank...glued on with 3m #45 spray adhesive
 The spiral blade required a 3/64 inch pilot hole.
CTD test for blade and bit selections
Hole for spindle hook
Sanding, Rasping and Finishing
For outer edge and surface sanding I used the Rigid sander...
For shape refinement I used wide variety of Auriou rasps and Auriou or Ajax Plinky rifflers.

Fine edge sanding...

blonde shellac

rub on varnish





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