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Tapered Joints

Looking to make some staked furniture...sawbench, stools and chairs etc... with legs that involve tapered tenons and tapered mortises.

After some skill building, the first project will be a staked sawbench with a future eye to a staked chair.  The designs are based on the readings and plans from The Anarchist's Design Book by Christopher Schwarz.

 The tapered mortises will be made with a pilot hole (minimum of 7/16 inch) drilled on the Nova drill press...angled using the shop built drill press table angle jig.

Angle Jig
The pilot hole may also be made with hand brace and augers...I plan to try the hand cut pilot holes...
I have 1/2" and 5/8" Wood Owl 7.5 inch Ultra Smooth Tri-Cut augers on order.

Then a hand bored tapered hole will be made using the pilot hole as a guide. 

The taper tool will be the Veritas Pro Taper Reamer.
Pro Taper Reamer
Manual for the reamer.
 The reamer is set at 12.8 and is the complement of the
Veritas Tapered Tenon Cutters
Tapered Tenon Cutters
 Manual for the tenon cutters.
OEM picture of one of the cutter blades...
Sharpening the tenon cutters.
According to Manual...
The high-carbon steel blade is supplied with a 30 bevel. As supplied, the cutting edge is adequate for rough work in most woods; however, accuracy and surface finish will be improved with additional sharpening.
Start by lapping the back of the blade and then proceed to honing the bevel. A  1 to 2 micro-bevel honed on the final edge will strengthen the edge and reduce your sharpening time.
The backs were no where near flat...image shows two OEM blades.
The 30 bevel was quite striated...the work honing had been rough...

This is the striated bevel...

This is the honed bevel...
Christopher Schwarz article at Popular Woodworking...
 "Chair Joinery: Tapered Tenons and Tapered Mortises"
Includes a short video that is available on YouTube

 Video: "Using the 5/8" Veritas tapered tenon cutter" on YouTube.
More info and videos at the site,  Windsor Workshop.
 Windsor Workshop
From the master chair maker, Peter Galbert, "Tapered Mortise and Tenon"
A PDF from the American Association of Woodturners.

Purchased the Popular Woodworking video...
"No-Fear Chairmaking: by Christopher Schwarz

No-Fear Chairmaking

Video of Schwarz on The Woodwright's Shop discussing staked furniture.
Video of Brendan Gaffney of Popular Woodworking discussing the Schwarz staked chairs
Shannon Rogers has multiple videos on the building of a "Perch Stool".
I do not see me making one but the five videos are very informative.
Videos listed here.

Perch Stool

Practical Exercises: At 90

Drilling and Reaming Mortises

Tapering Tenons

First use of tools:
Used Veritas taper cutter 5/8" on an oak 1-inch dowel...

First tapered tenon...

I drilled a through 1/2 inch pilot hole with a brad bit on the Nova DP...into a 1.75 inch thick CTD slab of maple.
Then ran the Veritas 5/8 inch pro taper reamer into the pilot hole using a hand brace.
This was all at 90 degrees.

Rough finished tapered tenon and tapered mortise...

Tapered tenon in tapered mortise...
After reading up on adjustments, etc.  I re-tapered the tenon with a 1/2' unit with a sharpened blade. 

I started the taper holding the unit and twirling the cutter like sharpening a pencil.
Much better cutting action with sharpened blade.
Then I placed the cutter in a vise and tried it that way...worked well
The tapered tenon...
Friction fit was so tight that it held the block easily
At the skinny end...the show end the 1/2" hole-tenon connection left a gap...
Checked for square...pretty close in left-right plane...
...but it was off by about 5 in near-far plane.
Tried again with a new 1/2" drilled pilot hole and reamed a new conical hole...trying to pay careful attention to square in the world, but... still there, off square still there, re-tapered the tenon...still there.







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