MFT3 Kaizen Overhaul



There are a number of things I wish to change about the MFT3 table setup.
1. unhappy with the Festool swivel units and track setup...hard to keep it square...need to dump system
2. need to improve dog and fence setup options
3. storage shelf under table has sagged...need to fix or replace
Swivel Unit Issues

Previously I had issues with the swivel units...replaced some hardware...

The replacement parts solved the immediate problems but I still found them difficult to keep solidly square rail alignment.

Tried a "Slop Stop" from Delrin...some relief but still not acceptable.
Pulled the swivel units.

 Began experimenting... using Parf dogs to align rail squarely.
After testing this method and researching options, I decided to move to this type of rail setup.

Fence and Rail Alignment Improvements

To use the rail without the Festool swivel units...I ordered UJK Parf fence and stop, rail clips and Parf Super Dogs from Axminster.
While waiting for the Parf fence etc, I am learning to work material on the MFT3 without the rail cut up some sheet goods I made cuts in the garage and then finished the sheet goods on the MFT3...pieces would have been too wide to use the Festool system and I just let the cutoff hang out in space...used Bessey rail clamps to secure the rail.

MFT3 Lower Shelf

This is the shelf I previously  built for storage...too much weight for improperly supported MDF shelf.

Plan for a plywood case to fit will hold some Systainers.
The existing shelf will then  sit on top of this case...providing sag resistance, plus better storage.
Systainer storage lower shelf installed...
Replacement Top

Need to replace current I purchase a Festool top?
Do I make my own top?...
if so, I will use the UJK Mark II Parf guide system to
layout and drill the 20mm hole pattern.



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