Drill Press Table



The metal table that comes on the drill press is very small, does not accept clamping well and is simply not suitable for woodwork on the drill press.


Table was constructed out of 3/4 " Baltic birch ply. The fence was made from oak.


Three sets of T-slot tracks were put into the table to allow for control knobs on the back of the fence and to accept a variety of clamps to hold down material.

A section of Kreg tracking was placed on the top of the fence. The Kreg stop can be used in this track.
The table mounts in such a way that the old handle that was used to raise and lower the work table would no longer function. Tim, in the BioMed lab, welded a nut into a 10 mm deep socket that enables the table to raised with a 3/8 inch driver with an extension.
This makes the raising and lowering of the table an easy task.

Phase Two

I wanted some better hold down options. I removed material in the table top so that I could install Woodpecker Super Track.




The Super Track was placed between the drill contact point and the user.

It snugged up to the right T-Track and interrupted the left track. There is a routed out area to the left of the Super Track to allow for clamp insertion into the tracks.
The Woodpecker hold-down clamps have excellent holding power.
The Woodpecker Knuckle clamps allow for a tremendous amount of flexibility.

Bessey self-adjusting toggle clamps onplates that lock down in T-Track .

Great production jig clamps.


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