Bird's Mouth Batten Project


Online, I saw a shop-built workbench appliance that is a specialized batten. A description of this device may be found on

The wedge is used in the cutout bird's mouth to hold boards on edge for planing.

After reading through the steps that Cecil Rogers took to make this appliance, I went out and grabbed some scraps and made one for the shop.



The wedge was removed with band saw and jig saw cuts.

I used some radiata pine 1 x 12 offcuts and joined the right angle with dovetails.

I glued and clamped the unit up just at it would be the bench.

After a coat of 2 lb shellac was rubbed on...unit is shown on bench...

The wedge close up...

The appliance in use...a stop at the far edge, front 90° angle board held in the bench's double vise, holdfast at the rear edge...the appliance is held very stoutly...a simple tap of the wedge to lock the to-be-planed, on-edge board in place...a simple tap to release.





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