Shooting Board Project


Needed a shooting board that would work well with the Veritas Low Angle Bevel Up Jack plane.



We made the shooting board as a bench hook appliance.

The unit was made out of 3/4 inch Baltic Birch plywood secured to a 1/2 MDF bottom.

The fences and edges were made of oak.

The plane chute was covered with UHMW-PE:
Ultra-High Molecular Weight polyethylene film tape for super low coefficient of friction.

The unit is tried out here with a #3 bevel up low angle smoother.

But the best plane for the appliance is definitely the #5 jack.


The shooting board was finished with my BLT rub.


Good view of the plane chute with UHMW-PE slick strip.



After purchasing a Lie-Nielsen #51 shooter plane, I opted for a 51 Shooter™ from Evenfall Studios...


With the 51 in the shop...






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