Micro-Bevel Jig


After putting a good sharpening on a number of bench and bevel edge chisels plus paring and mortise chisels, we wanted a work station for the quick touch up of the micro-bevel.

Phase 2

Having seen Lien-Nielsen's video of Deneb Puchalski and the PDF plans, we decided on a quick and simple angle setting jig.

This jig will be used for chisels only and will have the quick setups for 20°, 25°, and 30°.

These will allow quick setup of the primary bevel angle and then the 2 secondary micro-bevel can quickly be setup with a couple of clicks of the micro-bevel adjuster on the Veritas.

This jig will always be used with the Veritas honing guide.

The angle setting and squaring guide for the Veritas is quite accurate, but it is a little unwieldy and time consuming.

Here the setup is for a 20°.

After setting the angles the length of the exposed blade is used to set the jig guide blocks.

After guaranteeing the block is at the right distance and is squared, some glue and 23 gauge pins secured the block.
The side guides are to square the blade in the honing guide.

Though location is still uncertain at this time, future jig features will include a 8000 grit Norton waterstone to create the micro bevel and a leather strop pad with Veritas green polishing compound for final deburring and polish.

Phase 2

Added a Lie-Nielsen honing guide. I like it a lot. In addition to being extremely well machined, I really like the self centering and squaring aspect of the guide.

It requires a jig to set the angles.

So we added two measuring stops on another edge.

These are set for the two most common angles we hone.

With the front edge of the guide against the side of the jig, the stop provides the proper honing angle.
To set the microbevel, the addition of a 1/8 inch shim changes that angle by a couple of degrees.
To keep the shim from disappearing I coutersunk and epoxied a stack of two small magnets in the shim....
...and countersunk and screwed a washer in the jig...
...and the shim stays handy on the jig.





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