Through Dovetails

OCD Process

OCD...Our Cosman Dovetail...Process
PDF of Process
  of pins through a normal process...
settle on ratio that we have saw guides for...
Backside...rebate with skew block plane... ~ 1/32 inch.

Cut the tails with Toshio Odate dovetail saw, ~1/64 plate.
Use the appropriate Barron guide.
The pin board is placed into the bench vise...height adjusted to plane height.
Tail board is placed atop pin board...the rebate keeps it set appropriately.

Offset of the saw plate (and the set) was determined using a Tite-Mark

The blade is listed as 1/64 inch or .
015625 inch
As part of the new OCD process, the tail board was offset to the left then the kerfs were marked on the right side of the pins  (for GWG = push left, cut left side of waste).

When the offset was moved to the right, the kerfs were marked on the left sides of the pins ( for GWG = push right, cut right side of waste).

We later determined that that a .013 leaf
from the Glen-Drake offset gauge worked better for our alignment purposes...
First efforts to scribe the line...we used the Toshio Odate...the saw was placed into the kerf and was used to scribe a line into the end grain of the pin board.
There was an issue that the kerf was not scribed all the way across the board...
...this was due to the configuration of the front end of the Toshio Odate.
We then stumbled onto an improved model...a Chestnut Tools veneer saw that we tried and is now called the Kerf Scribe Tool.
Kerf scribe tool in the kerf.

It fit into the kerf quite nicely and the 50TPI cut a nice kerf line...only issues...push blade not pull and the blade is rounded.
In the event that I decide to seek an improved scribe tool...I purchased a replacement blade for the Toshio Odate. 
I could then cut the plate and attach a handle.



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