Shop Built SysPort


It became critical that I do a better job in the shop of storage of Festool Systainer and Sortainers.

The Festool SysPort is a great unit but is just too pricey.


For a quick, partial solution...I purchased a SysCart which is just a platform on wheels for a stack of Systainers.

In the stack I put Sortainers which have front loaded drawers rather than top loading Systainers.

I put one Systainer at the top of the stack.


For a useful Systainer unit, I decided to make 48 inch tall carcase from plywood and put in drawer units that would allow the drawer to open fully so that the Systainer could be opened.

The carcase was cut from 3/4 inch oak sheet goods in the garage and then they were dadoed in the shop.

I bought 14 inch and 16 inch Accuride full opening, heavy duty slides from Woodcraft.

Here is a picture of the first mock-up to determine the actual dimensions for the shelving cabinet.

I used Kreg drawer slide guides to facilitate the install.

I basically just made enough room for each Systainer as I went.


The shelving layout ended up being two #2 Systainers at the bottom, then 3 #1 Systainers above them with a final #2 at the top.

There was enough space to put in a shallow drawer at the very top.

Here is an example of the unit with a shelf pulled out far enough to fully open up the Systainer.


Flexible storage is available in the top shallow shelf

There is room at the top of the unit for a Systainer.

For drawer pull fronts, I used discarded edges from mahogany paneling.

I cut out a rabbit lip for attachment to the 1/2 Birch plywood shelves. The stock I removed from the trim edge I used as side Systainer guide stops to prevent sliding. I glued and pinned the quides.


I screwed in rear cleats to keep Systainers from moving to the rear.

I then enclosed the rear with 1/4 inch luan sheet with oak edging.


I now have vastly improved access to great storage options.





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