Tenon Taper Cutter, Holding Jig

Kaizen Overhaul 2021

Using the taper cutter with it in your hand is not ideal.

It was way easier to mount the cutter in a vise and take the work piece to the cutter.
However, tightening the vise faces around the uneven and tapered cutter was sometimes difficult.

Designed a jig to hold the cutter easily in a vise. 

The two cutters that have are 5/8 and 1/2.

However, the physical casting and the external measurements of the two cutters are the same.

Put the cutter on the oak blank and traced out the form.

Circular face on the cutters was .95"...with two wings that were off set.

The holes were bored with FAMAG Bormax 2.0 bit, the 1 inch unit.

RPM oak = 500, well secured

The trenches for the wings were mortised.
 Second dry fit determined where trenches had to be wider to accommodate blade and screws.
Then the hole was tapered using the reamer in a hand brace.
Final fit was satisfactory...tight enough but no binding.
Jig in use.


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