Skill Build

Hexagonal Legs

Looking to make some stools and chairs with hexagonal legs...

After some skill building, the first project will be a staked chair.  This chair design is based on the readings and plans from The Anarchist's Design Book by Christopher Schwarz.

The hexagonal legs will be made from square stock that will have the four edges planed to create an eight sided leg.
Eventually they will be tapered hexagonal legs with conical tapered tenons.

Purchased the Popular Woodworking video...
"No-Fear Chairmaking: by Christopher Schwarz
No-Fear Chairmaking
In the section on milling the hexagonal legs Schwarz show how to lay out for a hex...mark the center of the square stock...

Take a compass, set to the distance from center to a corner, and mark arcs from each corner that resemble a flower.
Then draw a line connecting the points where the arcs touch an edge...this line is perpendicular to the corner-to-corner lines.

Here is my CTD lay out on a squared piece of pine.

Then the CTD blank is laid into the V90 bench appliance.

The edge is then planed down to the line...used LV jack.
I tend to roll plane surface away from me.
Any error gets amplifies as you rotate surfaces.

One new face...needs three more...first effort resulted in a poor hexagon...
must practice.





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