Dowel Rack


This rack will be used for wooden dowels, metal rods, and threaded rods.

The left bins will be for pieces > 20 inches.  The right accommodate 12-16 inches.

I used some radiata pine 3.5 x .75 boards.  These were 4 square from the BORG


2 inch diameter hole alignments and measurements.
Layout for the board will have 6 through holes.
The left side of the bottom will have three holes that are stopped at 1/2 inch deep...the short shelf on the right will also have three stopped holes.

Routed the 5/16 deep x 3/4 wide mirrored dadoes at the MFT3 table.

Dry fit after dado milling.

Milled the 2 inch stopped diameter holes in the bottom plates, and 2 inch through diameter in the top plate.  Used Forstner, Famag.
The plates...
The bottom was glued and screwed to middle divider.
Other joints were glued and clinch nailed.

Dowel corner


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