Saw Hook Project


I needed to build a saw hook to make proper use a new Veritas crosscutting saw.


I started by looking on the Internet for some ideas. I really liked a design from Mark Harrell at

Bad Axe Tool Works

Mark has great stuff, I am saving to buy one of his carcase saws. In this case, I stole some design elements from Mark's saw hook which he makes from quartersawn oak.

I love his site...he offers "Services and Tools for the Discriminating Woodworker...and the Progressive Luddite".

James and I designed our saw hook to utilize some of the elements that we liked in unit above.

We considered making it from quartersawn oak, my brother Tom just brought me a load of wood that had plenty of QSO about 4/4 thick.

But instead we decided to use some black walnut for the plate and hard maple for the fences/hooks.


Here are the walnut planks we selected.

The maple was in massive chunks of 12/4. This beam has already been ripped down once.

The band saw had to be used for resawing the rips to workable sizes.
We then surfaced a flat side and an edge on the jointer.
The smaller pieces of maple were surfaced with the LV #4 low angle up bevel smoother plane.

And then worked with the Bahco cabinet scraper.


The walnut panels were glued up to make for the best grain patterns.

They were secured with Dominoes and glue.


After the panel was set, it was cut to size and then the dadoes were put in using the router.


The corners were perfected with a Lie Nielsen chisel.
The maple fences were cut large so that they could be planed to a precise fit.

The LV smoother took the fence down to a very precise and tight fit.


After the were glued and all had set, the outrigger was ripped off of the main sled at the bandsaw.

You can see the grain pattern matchup in the waxed unit to the right.

Front view of finished hook with outrigger.

The unit has been sealed with the BLT rub.

Side view.






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