Dewalt 735 Planer

Blade Change

The Dewalt DW735 planer was given to me by my brother, Tom, when he moved to California.

The unit was given a quick clean up and lube at that time. I purchased a Dewalt roll around workstation that matched the DW735 and the unit replaced the Ryobi as the planer in the shop.

The first major milling activity was some very tough oak.

There were a couple of failures...the planer knives dug in and the board was caught...the breaker shut down the device.

Clearly we needed to change the blades out.


The three blades on the 735 are dual edged.

We decided to pull the unit apart, give it a quick clean up on the interior, and rotate the blades.

The top of the housing is removed by loosening four hex bolts.

This gives access to the dust shroud.

The shroud is held by three red bolt units that are easily turned by hand.

After pulling the shroud you have access to the planer blade assembly.

The blade is held in place by metal bracket that has eight 4mm hex heads.



The blade is located properly by two setting pins.

Then the eight holes line up.


The top of the Dewalt supplied 4mm wrench has a magnet which facilitates the safe lifting of the blade.
After rotating the blade the unit is reinstalled. Because the blade positioning is set by the two pins there is no time consuming blade alignment required.
A good cleaning was performed while the unit was open.

A quick test was performed and the cut was much improved and noise was reduced.

We could now mill our oak stock.


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