Assistive Technology Modification


My friend TJ, a quadriplegic, needed a modification to make it easier to use his sip and puff assistive devices.

Original Setup

New Mod Design

Mod Build

Mod Install

Original Setup

Original Design...
TJ was using a QuadJoy and Dragon Naturally Speaking for computer access.

The facility requires nurse call access.
This image shows QuadJoy mount and the separate nurse call.
Staff at the facility were having difficulty adjusting the two sip and, my BioMed buddy, Greg, had come up with this scheme years ago...he used CPVC pipe with copper pipe inside it  to create an alternative location for the nurse call (BreathCall)...the unit was actually attached to the side of the QuadJoy.

Later, we needed a third sip and puff for ECU access. 
A second BreathCall was added to the QuadJoy. 
This put all three sip and puff actuators in proximity to each other.
In use...

Over time, the QuadJoy reached the end of its lifetime...the facility provided a QuadJoy 3...and they wanted the nurse call to be separated in the new configuration.

We secured a new clamping arm for the QuadJoy 3

New Mod Design


The geometry of the new mod had to be determined at home in the garage...used an old QuadJoy for assessing alignment in 3D world.

Had to guesstimate the reach of the QuadJoy straw...
New clamp system, with articulating joint at the end of the arm, provides a good bit of latitude...this was secured from

Dry fit ...
Mod Build and Install

The copper pipe is the breath way...the CPVC is providing support and protection.
The sip and puff end of the copper pipe needed to be secured and centered in the CPVC.

Found the perfect washer in Reece's Pieces bin.

The washer was epoxied into a 45 fitting.
The sip and puff tube from a BreathCall is a perfect fit into the fitting.
End Cap...needed a hole to keep pipe centered.
Used rat tail rasp to perfect sizing...
End view of mod...tubing from the switch device will fit over the copper tube.
The copper pipe is slightly larger than the original design.

The final dry fit...CPVC will be glued with appropriate solvent...the copper pipe and washer assemblies will be glued with epoxy.
Spray painted the outer pipe...the highest December temperature ever and high humidity caused a drying issue...had to keep a fan on it...
Wire tied the mod to the arm...
Ready for installation...
Mod Install



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