Webbing Install


James had two large wicker chairs that needed new seat webbing...the structure of the chairs made web stretching an issue.

Stretch and Securing

Webbing Completed

Stretch and Securing

The side to side webbing was the most difficult element.  Stretching the webbing material in a typical manner was simply not going to work.
The sides of the wicker chair were integrally entwined with the sides of the frame...the rear of the seat was also an issue.

James came up with a crafty solution.
First, the webbing was secured to the left frame edge.

Special tool that James crafted for this job...
A ledge was brought into the process using a piece of ply secured with a couple of clamps...this would become the "leverage ledge".
Then the webbing was secured with the nail pad and it was stretched vertically until the bottom of the tool could rest on the leverage ledge.

Took some tugging but the stretch was good
After the webbing was fully extended into a horizontal plane,  it was stapled off and tacked.

Tool is seen under the webbing.
Four runs of side to side webbing were installed.
The front to back webbing was then installed...we were planning on using  an existing web stretching tool but James found he could make it quite taut by pulling it.

Front to back webbing was interlaced with the side to side webbing...stapled and tacked as before.

Webbing Completed


Webbing completed on chair #1
Headed for home



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