Tie Helper

My friend, Terry, the Shoe Man, wanted to come up with bench with a footrest that would help people tie their shoes.

After considerations such as seen below...Terry came up with a footrest design that pivoted...it is called the Tie Helper

Design Consideration

Design of Production Model

Wood Selection and Milling




Design Considerations

Early design ideas included a bench with an attached footrest...

Then we separated the two pieces...I created a low bench for my personal use.

Terry worked with a footrest that would be hinged and could adjust for best typing angle...

Prototype 1

This working model was made of plywood and metal hardware.

It was heavy and clunky but proved the theory.


Prototype 2

This was designed to be lighter...

Shown here with footrest tilted...

View from the rear of the assembly.


Sketchup of Proto2

Rear view of Sketchup of Proto2

Upper assembly terms

Lower assembly terms

Production Model Design

Prototype 3

Proto3 design was created in Sketchup to take the ideas from the working model and come up with a unit that would function appropriately and have improved design and appearance.

Rear view...

Base Assembly

Terms...click for a larger view.

Footrest Assembly

Terms...click for a larger view.

Wood Selection and Milling

For the creation of the production prototype, Proto3...

I used light colored wood that was readily available in the attic.

After milling the slabs, it was clear that the hard woods were some oak and maple.

The 1/2 inch plywood strips were cypress and birch.

These will be a smorgasbord but will suffice for the two prototypes that I will build.




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