Sharpening a Carving Gouge


Before I could learn how to do woodcarving for accents on my future furniture builds, I had to learn how to sharpen a gouge.

I followed the basic path of Chris Pye's No Fear Sharpening process...his notes and the videos from his Woodcarving website.

For my first attempt took on a Hirsh gouge. This is a #5 sweep, 14 mm straight gouge.



The first step in the commissioning of my Hirsch was the Shaping this step you true the cutting edge and form the inside and outside bevels.

Here the gouge is squared at the bench grinder...used a crowned 80x CBN wheel.

Purpose of the grinding is to produce a new edge that is reground...end is square...
The cutting edge is square...nice clean end in both planes...
Future shaping of bevels will be made in reference to this end it needs to be brighted so that it will appear as an edge of light...

This is done with a stone to polish the cutting the end is placed on a 1800x grit Atoma diamond plate.

Gouge is held perpendicular to the stone and the edge is polished.

First attempts showed that I ground the end poorly...the polished edge has a low spot on the corner that still has the grinder marks.
After regrinding and polishing again on the Atoma...the end was placed on an Extra Fine DMT and further polished.
Moving on to the inner bevel...





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