90 Degree Vee Block Appliance

In preparation for making some staked furniture...

I needed a bench appliance that would hold a four-sided leg so that it could be made hexagonal by using a hand plane.

Image below is an online picture of a vee block device being used to hold round stock on a drill press.

Design Ideas and Implementation

Wood choice was some cutoffs... 2 x 4 pine stock...I jointed and planed these pieces to 4 square...stock is 3 1/8" wide by 1 5/16" thick.

First, I laid out some ideas for how the vee would work in the piece...

...and visualized the dimensions in Sketchup.
Woodworkers Guild of America website had a great video regarding making the cuts on the tablesaw.
It shows how to sneak up on the 45 + 45 = 90 angle cuts.
I cut the vee in the three boards on the P66...
A finished end...
...with measurements shown.
Two of the shorter vee blocks (~15 inch and ~17 inch)  will live at the drill press table.
Shown here... a one inch dowel is held in the vee block and clamped...drilling a precise hole is greatly enhanced.
End view of vee block...
The bench version (~20 inches long) had a red oak stop attached on one end...4 screws #6-1inch.
This end goes against the Benchcrafted stop.
View from the other end.
The end of the vee block away from the stop is secured in a batten...
Image of the vee block holding a square stock so that an edge may be planed...this enables a four sided leg to become hexagonal.


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