My Boot Rub Project

I wanted to make a batch of home brew boot waxing compound.

I created my own recipe...

.1 lb. of bees wax, pure in pellet form

.1 lb. of mink oil compound, oil suspended in a mini wax

.15 lb. of pure neatsfoot oil


Here is the mix of ingredients.

I used pellets of bees wax.

These will melt in the 140°-145° range.

I used Orginal Mink Oil Compound.

Mink oil is used as to soften and weatherproof leather.

It is also a leather preserver.


This product is mink oil in a paste wax suspension.

As opposed to vegetable oils and most animal oils, mink oil stays in its original state for a longer period...the others will go rancid.

I then measured out the neatsfoot oil.

This oil is rendered from the shin bones and feet of cattle.

"Neat" is an old English word for cattle.

I used pure neatsfoot oil...not a compound. Fiebings has a great product.
The ingredients were all placed into a melting pan.
The melting pan is suspended above water...

The mink oil micro wax suspension began melting at about 130°...the bee's was started to melt at 140°.


All ingredients melted and mixed well at a sustained temperature of 150°.
Then the rub mix was poured into a tin (Altoids) and a couple of small tubs.
The wax began solidifying almost immediately.
The tin will hold the rub that I use on my boots.
The small tubs will make for a handy carry around.
For cleaning the boots, I used a 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar mix and used a toothbrush to scrub.
After drying I applied My Boot Rub...
Waxed and particular, the neatsfoot oil darkens...hope the mink oil waterproofs...

Finished products...ready for testing...





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